Why are participants not being added to my campaign?

Participants are added in real-time, and you should see them upon refreshing your GrowSurf dashboard. 

There could be many potential reasons why new participants are not being added:

  • The GrowSurf Universal Code is not present on the page where you are submitting the new participant.

  • Your campaign's anti-fraud settings may be preventing new participants from being added if the setting is on Strict Anti-Fraud ( more details here).

  • You checked the box next to 'Only add new participants if they were referred' which means only participants who were referred will be added to your campaign.

  • If your method of adding new participants is set to 'Automagically when a new visitor submits a form on my site' then the following may be the reason why participants are not being added to your campaign:

    • The URL of the webpage that the form is being submitted on may not share the same-origin as your campaign Share URL. Because of this, the GrowSurf Universal Code will not be authorized to execute. Please whitelist the URL within the Installation step of the campaign editor ( more details here).

    • The selected form input fields may be incorrect or outdated. To resolve this, please go to your Campaign Editor > Installation > 'Choose forms from your site to automatically track', then click the top-right 'Re-check' button. Then, select the appropriate field and drop-downs per each input. Make sure that these input fields match up to the ones present on the webpage <form>.

    • The form may have been submitted before the GrowSurf Universal Code has fully loaded. Please use the grsfReady Event Listener in this case.

    • The signup form redirects people to another webpage after they submit the form (e.g, a thank-you page). Please add the URL for this webpage within the Installation step of the campaign editor.

    • Make sure all the URLs you enter follow the same-origin policy. Otherwise referral tracking will not work.

    • If you see odd/inconsistent amounts of new participants being added, please refer to this article.

  • If your method of adding new participants is set to 'Programmatically using the GrowSurf API' then you will need to make sure to use growsurf.addParticipant() or /POST Add Participant to add participants on your form submission(s).
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