Why is the form on my website not able to be automagically detected?

If your method of adding new participants is set to 'Automagically when someone submits a form on my site' -- see image -- and GrowSurf is not able to detect a form on your webpage, this is a list of potential reasons why:

  • Form is not inside a <form> tag
  • Form does not contain an input with a name="email" or id="email" attribute: <input type="email" name="email">
  • Form is on a webpage that requires a login
  • Form is on a session-based webpage (typical with some checkout pages)
  • Form is within an iframe (typical with third-party form service providers)
  • Form is spread across several webpages (the form must be on a single webpage)
  • Form is a multi-step form (form must not be broken into individual steppers)
  • Form is not unique (forms must have a unique ID, name, and/or class attribute)
  • Form is generated dynamically and does not have a consistent unique ID, name, and/or class attribute
  • The URL is local to your machine (e.g, localhost, To test locally, please whitelist the URL
  • The URL is redirecting to a different URL

The most common reason that a form will not be able to be detected is if it is from a third-party embedded form, most of which are iframes. Referral tracking cannot work due to the limitations and security protocols of modern browsers (iframes use a different URL than the one you see in the browser URL bar).

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