Why am I seeing the New Visitor view when I am expecting to see the Participant view?

If you are using the GrowSurf window or embedded form and are expecting to see the participant ("authenticated") view, your campaign settings is most likely set to require participants to login/authenticate. You can update this setting in the Options step of the Campaign Editor.

GrowSurf uses cookies to store authentication information that will allow participants to access their referral program account information. If you wish to keep authentication enabled but automatically authenticate participants, you can use Participant Auto Authentication.

Depending on how you added participants, the browser cookie may or may not be saved.

  • If the participant was added to your referral program in any of the following ways, they will have a cookie saved in their browser that identifies them on every subsequent visit:
    1. via JavaScript Web API
    2. via automagic form detection
    3. via GrowSurf window
    4. via GrowSurf embedded form (including using the data-grsf-email attribute to dynamically create a participant for the first-time)
  • If the participant was added to your referral program in any of the following ways, they do not have any cookies saved in their browser, and thus need to authenticate/login:
    1. via REST API
    2. imported via CSV

If the participant's browser doesn't contain the authentication cookie created on the first signup, then the participant will not have authorized access, and in order to gain access, the participant needs to click the 'login' button in the GrowSurf window or embedded form, to receive a one-time login link. When clicked, a browser cookie will be stored and the participant will see their unique share link and share buttons on every subsequent visit.

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