Why is the GrowSurf Universal Code not detected for my URL?

If you are trying to verify your Share/Signup/Redirect URL within the Installation step of the Campaign Editor and you get a red error notifying you that the GrowSurf Universal Code was not found on that URL (see image below), there could be a few reasons why that is happening.

  • You are using a link shortener, such as https://bit.ly, in which case proper referral tracking and association will not be possible. Please update your Share URL or Signup URL to use a URL that is not a link shortener.
  • You may not have the GrowSurf Universal Code installed properly. Please check with your developer and/or third-party website platform to ensure that you have the GrowSurf Universal Code snippet installed properly and globally on your site.
    • One common issue is if you paste the code from a word processor like Microsoft Word, the application may format the apostrophes from “ to ". This will break the code, so please ensure that you copy/paste the Universal Code directly from GrowSurf.
  • The webpage may not be authorizing access. For example, if you visit the webpage from a browser, and get a 401 Authorization Required error then that means GrowSurf will also not be able to detect the GrowSurf Universal Code on your webpage.
  • You may be using Google Tag Manager (GTM) or another tag manager that dynamically loads third-party scripts. We highly recommend that you avoid using GTM, as most popular ad-blockers will prevent GTM from loading, and this will hinder referral tracking.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 'Verify URL' button is here to merely help you confirm whether the GrowSurf Universal Code is present on your URL(s). As long as you can confirm that the GrowSurf Universal Code is installed on your webpage(s), you can consider GrowSurf successfully installed.

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