How do I update a participant's referral count in my ESP or database every time they make a referral?

NOTE: This article only applies to you if GrowSurf does not support your email service provider (ESP). GrowSurf's integrations (e.g, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign) will update participant referral counts automatically, so there's no need to set up anything else.

Let's say that every time someone makes a referral, you want to update their referral count in your ESP or in your database. The use-case may be that you want to show your participants the amount of real-time referrals they have made in your email newsletter.

This is possible via Zapier or Webhooks.

Using Zapier

In your existing New Participant Zap, add the following Tasks:
  1. Add a Filter (more details here) to check if Participant Referred By exists. If the new participant was referred, this value will exist, and you can continue.
  2. The referrer can be identified as the Referrer Email property. Use this value to update their referral count in your ESP or database.

Using Webhooks

In your existing  New Participant webhook, perform the following actions:
  1. Add a conditional to check if a new participant was referred by using the referredBy key, and only proceed if it is true.
  2. The referrer can be identified as the key. Use this value to update their referral count in your ESP ordatabase.
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