How can I make a discount available to a referred friend at their time of signup?

Let's say you want to offer a double-sided reward where the referred friend gets a coupon code available at the time of initial signup (before any purchase or signup is made).

You would need to create a single-sided or milestone reward for this purpose because double-sided rewards in GrowSurf are only unlocked for a referred friend after they trigger a referral.

You have a few options for how to make a coupon code immediately available for a referred friend:

  1. When your Share URL is visited directly (e.g,
    1. This option would make the coupon code available for anyone who lands on your Share URL
  2. When your Share URL is visited with a unique referral link (e.g,
    1. This option would make the coupon code available only if a new visitor visited your site using a participant's unique referral link, which you can verify by calling growsurf.getReferrerId().
    2. (Optional) To fully lock down your coupon codes to visitors who used a valid participant's unique link, you can call growsurf.getParticipantById() and only make the coupon code available based on if the referrer ID is a valid participant. Here is a snippet of JavaScript code you can use:
      // Check to see if GrowSurf is available
      if (!window.growsurf) {
        function applyCouponCode() {
          const referrerId = growsurf.getReferrerId();
          if (referrerId) {
            growsurf.getParticipantById(referrerId).then(participant => {
              if (participant) {
                // Apply your custom coupon code here
        // Listen and wait for the Growsurf Universal Code to initialize
        window.addEventListener('grsfReady', () => {
          console.log('GrowSurf is ready!');
      } else {
        console.log('GrowSurf is already available');
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