How can I make my referral program compliant with GDPR/CCPA?

Here is a checklist of action items you will want to make sure you update for your GrowSurf campaign to stay compliant with major privacy laws:

  • If importing your existing contacts into GrowSurf, make sure that you have their prior consent to communicate.
  • If using the GrowSurf form element, you can enable opt-in consent and add legal language in the Campaign Editor > 2. Design > Sign Up section.
  • If using GrowSurf's automagic form detection with your site's existing form(s) to add new participants, you must provide an opt-in consent checkbox and your own legal language letting new signups know that by signing up they are enrolled as participants of your referral program.
  • If using the GrowSurf leaderboard element, you will need to fully mask participant email addresses in the Campaign Editor > 2. Design > Leaderboard > Leaderboard List section.
  • If using the GrowSurf invite element, you will need to enable Don't store invitees' email addresses in the Campaign Editor > 2. Design > Share > Email Invites section.

For full details on GrowSurf's ongoing compliance efforts, please visit

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