How can I fulfill physical goods to my winners?

If you are running a referral campaign with milestone rewards (stickers, t-shirts, mugs, sweaters, etc), you have several options for automating fulfillment for physical products.

Your method of fulfillment will depend on several factors. For example, you should take into consideration the type of milestone rewards you have, anticipated monthly volume, CPA, and budget.

Below are two suggested ways you can achieve automated fulfillment. Both cases would require you to utilize our Zapier integration or Integromat integration.

1. Bulk purchase, bulk shipping (less expensive, but more work):

If you anticipate sending out stickers in bulk quantities every month, it may not make sense to use an on-demand solution like Printful*, as the cost of printing and fulfilling would be ~$5-6/each sticker. 
If you choose this route, you can purchase inventory in bulk, using a service such as StickerMule. For shipping the rewards, you would utilize Zapier and a third-party shipping API such as EasyPost (or you can manually send out goods from your end).

2. On-demand printing and fulfillment (more expensive, but less work):

If you have low-volume goods (e.g, a sweater that has a high referral threshold to earn), it may make sense to use an on-demand platform like Printful*, where you can automate fulfillment. This would usually be the case if you deem a physical good has a reasonable base item price and shipping cost listed on the platform.

*For more vendors, please see this article.

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