When using the embedded form to automatically add participants, is there a way to prevent the signup form from being displayed?

If you are using the GrowSurf embedded form, and if you are passing in a data-grsf-email attribute (so that a participant gets automatically created or logged in) or if you are redirecting a person to a thank-you webpage after they sign up, for a split second or more the signup form may appear.

The reason this happens is that GrowSurf has to wait for a network request to finish. However, this will only happen if a participant cookie does not already exist in the browser, which means only first-time participants should be seeing the signup form flash. When a participant cookie already exists, GrowSurf will pause to prevent the signup form from being displayed, and when the network request to GrowSurf is completed, the participant will see their unique share link and social share buttons without having to deal with the signup form.

If you want to ensure the signup form does not show up, you could use the following code at GrowSurf JS Docs - Example 7: Hide the GrowSurf embedded form until a GrowSurf participant is detected

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