Why are some of the fields in the campaign editor not editable?

If you are having issue with being able to edit some of the fields in your GrowSurf campaign, this may be due to some browser extensions interfering with your editing experience.

For example, if you are using the Grammarly extension, this has been known to prevent you from updating certain features such as the Header Content, Email Header, and Email Footer.

To determine if a browser extension is the cause, please disable your third-party extensions. If you cannot disable them, please log in to your GrowSurf account in an incognito browser window to update your GrowSurf campaign.

If you are able to update the Header Content after disabling the extension, then you know an extension is the likely culprit. However, if the problem occurs even after you have disabled your browser extensions, please contact us and we will help assist.

Please note, you must click the SAVE CHANGES button anytime you make changes to your campaign.

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