What triggers a referral?

There are two scenarios you can choose from in which to trigger a referral. You can configure this in the Installation step of the Campaign Editor.

1. Sign Up + Qualifying Action

When a person submits their address email on your site, then completes a qualifying action afterwards, this will trigger a referral. Using this method requires an additional step to tell GrowSurf about that qualifying action that you define (can be done via integrations like Stripe or HubSpot, Zapier, one line of JavaScript, or one API call).

  • Example #1: Website visitor signs up as a lead on your site, then converts into a paying customer later
  • Example #2: Your sales team moves a referred lead in your CRM to the 'Won/Closed' stage (e.g, HubSpot, Salesforce)
  • Example #3: A new trial user who was referred to your SaaS has their first payment processed (e.g, Stripe)

2. Sign Up

When a person submits their email address on your site, this will trigger a referral.

  • Example #1: Website visitor signs up as a lead on your site
  • Example #2: Someone subscribes to your newsletter

Please note the following:

  • NOTE: Unless you are using the REST API, in both scenarios, a website visitor will need to visit your site using a participant's referral link (e.g, https://yourwebsite.com?grsf=participant_unique_id -- notice the grsf URL parameter that contains the participant's unique ID).
  • A referral is not the same as an impression. An impression is a pageview of a participant's unique share link. For example, if a website visitor visits a participant's unique share link, this will count as one impression for the participant. Click here to learn more.
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