How can I manually assign a referrer to an existing participant?

Why should you manually assign a referrer?

If an existing participant in your campaign does not have a referrer, you can manually assign them one from the dashboard. This is useful if you want to retroactively assign a referrer to an existing participant in order to make it so that they were referred from another participant.

Important notes

  • The participant must not have already been referred (once a participant is referred by another participant, you cannot change their referral source)

How to manually assign a referrer

Step 1: Go to your campaign dashboard, and search for the participant [who needs a referrer assigned to them] by their email or unique ID. View their details page.

Step 2: Click on the blue 'Assign Referrer' button on the top-right side. A popup window should appear asking you to assign them a referrer by searching for a referrer by email or unique ID. 

Step 3: When you type in the referrer's email or unique ID, their details should appear. Confirm that this is the correct referrer to assign, and then click the 'Yes, Assign Referrer' button.

Once the referrer has been assigned, a referral event may or may not trigger immediately, based on what you have selected as your campaign's referral trigger:

  • If your referral trigger is "Sign Up"assigning a referrer will immediately trigger a referral event
  • If your referral trigger is "Sign Up + Qualifying Action", assigning a referrer will not trigger a referral event until the participant performs the qualifying action (you can manually trigger a referral on behalf of a participant from your dashboard -- click here to see how)
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