How can my participants check their stats or view the number of people they have referred?

The way that your participants can view their stats or check their rewards progress is up to how you integrate with GrowSurf.

Because GrowSurf uses cookies to identify a returning participant, if the participant is checking their stats from their phone, they would need to sign up using their existing email address or log in again as a participant. You can use the grsf_email URL parameter to automatically log them in so that they will automatically see their unique referral link. For other ways to automatically log in a participant, please see this article.

To see examples of what GrowSurf would look like to your customers, please click here.


If you have set your campaign to NOT require participants to authenticate/login (this is the default setting):

Your participants can enter their email address in the GrowSurf signup form email field, and their existing information will be returned to them.

If you have set your campaign to require participants to authenticate/login:

Existing participants can click the login link in the GrowSurf window form or embedded form to access their stats or view their referral program account information.

GrowSurf will then send a one-time login link via email to the participant. Once clicked, a cookie will be saved into the participant's browser, and they will be authorized to view their account information on every subsequent visit thereafter.

Please note that for every device/browser that your participant wants to access their referral stats or account information on, they will need to authenticate/login. You also use Participant Auto Authentication to automatically authenticate the participant so that they do not need to log in.

Once your participant has logged in, they will be able to see their referrals made and rewards progress (below is an example of the dedicated referral portal).

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