Where can I find my campaign's dedicated landing page?

Every GrowSurf campaign comes with a dedicated landing page hosted on https://grow.surf.

This landing page contains the GrowSurf window contents displayed as a webpage. You should only use this if you quickly want a dedicated landing page for your referral program. Otherwise, we recommend that you create your own custom landing page for your referral campaign and install the embedded form for an on-brand look and feel.

Your campaign-specific URL can be found at https://grow.surf/YOUR_CAMPAIGN_ID. (your campaign ID can be found in the URL anytime you are logged into your GrowSurf account and viewing your campaign dashboard.

Click here to see an example.

Your participants can visit this URL at any time to get their unique share link, share via social media buttons, and check their referral stats and/or the leaderboard.

Important notes

Your campaign's landing page is in Campaign Editor > 2. Design > Landing Page. 

Custom domains for landing pages are only available for Business plans and above and are in Campaign Editor > 2. Design > Landing Page Advanced Settings

A landing page has 5 layout themes and can be accessed in Campaign Editor > 2. Design > Landing Page Appearance 

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