Why can I not see the GrowSurf floating button on my website?

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are testing GrowSurf locally or for development purposes (e.g, on URL http://localhost, etc), make sure you whitelist URLs.

If you have installed the GrowSurf Universal Code onto your site but you still don't see the GrowSurf floating button on your site, please open your browser console to view the error message (If you don't see a GrowSurf error message, that means the GrowSurf Universal Code is not present on that webpage).

Here are the keyboard shortcuts for opening up the developer console in your browser:

  • Chrome:
    • Mac: Cmd + Option + J
    • Windows: Cmd + Shift + J
  • Firefox:
    • Mac: Cmd + Option + K
    • Windows: Cmd + Shift + K
  • Safari: Open the Safari menu in the Mac menu bar, then select Preferences. Then in the Preferences dialog, select the top-right Advanced tab, and check the "Show Develop menu in the menu bar" box at the bottom. Then use keyboard shortcut: Option + Cmd + C
  • Edge: F12

Once you have the developer console open, please make sure you have the Console tab selected. Then refer to the error message you see to the table below:

Error Message Explanation of the Issue Solution
"Campaign is not authorized for host ______. Please check your settings"

You are seeing this error because the URL that you pasted your campaign-specific GrowSurf Universal Code into is different than the URL(s) you provided in your campaign.

Additionally, you will need to double-check that you do not have your browser's Block All Cookies setting enabled.

Please make sure that the URL matches the URL(s) you provided for your campaign in the Installation step of the GrowSurf Campaign Editor.

If you are using a cookie-blocking browser like Brave browser, you will need to enable cookies. More details here.

"Campaign not found." You are seeing this error because your campaign either does not exist or was deleted.

Another possibility is that you have a typo in your GrowSurf Universal Code, where the campaign ID was entered incorrectly.
First, make sure that your campaign exists and has not been deleted on your GrowSurf dashboard.

In the Installation step of the GrowSurf Campaign Editor, follow the installation instructions again to properly ensure that you copy/paste the GrowSurf Universal Code correctly onto your website.

"Cannot destructure property `url` of 'undefined' or 'null'."

You have not provided a Share URL for your campaign. In the Installation step of the GrowSurf Campaign Editor, make sure you have a URL provided in the "What URL do you want to use for share links?" section.
"timeout exceeded 30000ms" The network request to retrieve your GrowSurf campaign information has taken more than 30 seconds, so the request has timed out. GrowSurf automatically times out when the network speed is too slow. Please connect to a more reliable network.
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