How can I secure my campaign against fraudsters?

In certain cases, you may have some bad actors who attempt to abuse your referral campaign. Here are some suggestions to combat against fraudsters:
  1. Set your referral trigger to be Custom Event within the Installation step of the Campaign Editor. This way, referrals will not happen until you programmatically trigger them from your end.
  2. Set your reward automation level to Manually approve rewards within the Options step of the Campaign Editor. This will ensure that when a participant reaches a reward goal, it will not be unlocked for them until you manually approve their reward (you'll always receive an email notification letting you know when you have a reward to .
  3. Once you have completed testing for your campaign, make sure to turn your anti-fraud settings to the Strict setting within the Options step of the Campaign Editor (more details here).
    1. If you have the emails and/or IP addresses, you may also blacklist them (wildcards are supported).
  4. For adding new participants:
    1. If you are using the GrowSurf form: Enable reCAPTCHA for your campaign in the Campaign Editor > Options - Automate fraud prevention section.
    2. If you are using the 'automagic' option or a GrowSurf API: implement an anti-spam/bot measure on your website/web app to verify your users' identities.
  5. Use the GrowSurf REST API instead of the JavaScript Web API for adding participants and/or triggering referrals. Remove the GrowSurf Universal Code from your web client(s).

In addition, click here to learn more about how GrowSurf's anti-fraud system works.

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