How to customize the 'from' email address in GrowSurf emails

GrowSurf supports custom 'From Email' addresses, which helps increase your participant email open and click rates because emails are coming from a trusted domain. Follow the directions below to set up a custom domain.


Step 1: In the Campaign Editor, navigate to the Emails > Email Settings section. In the 'From Email' dropdown, select the Custom option.

Step 2: Enter the custom email address that you wish to send emails from. If the email address you entered contains a domain that you have not verified before, you'll see the red "Not all DNS records have been verified for this domain." message.

Step 3: Click the blue 'Verify' button to view the setup process for adding your custom domain.

Step 4: Confirm the custom domain, then click the 'Add Domain' button. You'll then be able to see the DNS records that you will need to add to your domain registrar. Add the two TXT records and the one CNAME record.

Click here to view links to instructions on adding DNS records for common hosts and DNS providers.

Step 5: Once you've successfully added the DNS records, click the blue 'Verify Domain'. If successful, you will see green checkmarks for each record, indicating verification.

It can take up to 48 hours for DNS changes to propagate. After all three DNS records have been successfully verified, your campaign emails will come from your custom email address.

Important notes:

  • If your domain is not fully verified, the 'From Email' address will default to [email protected]
  • If your DNS records do not propagate after 24-48 hours, we recommend that you reach out to your DNS provider. Based on your specific DNS configuration, certain records may be overriding the priority of the DNS records you added for your GrowSurf custom domain, and your DNS provider's customer support will be able to better assist you.
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