How can I use GrowSurf to grow my newsletter?

GrowSurf comes with out-of-the-box features to help you launch and integrate a referral program quickly and seamlessly into your newsletter:

  • With GrowSurf's automagic form detection, when you get new subscribers who sign up for your newsletter, GrowSurf can automatically add them as participants, and track if they were referred or not. Installation is as easy as pasting the GrowSurf Universal Code on your site.
  • With GrowSurf's Embeddable Elements, you can create customized referral portals (check out our Morning Brew example), or use your campaign's dedicated page (example here).
  • With GrowSurf's integrations, you can automatically sync participant unique referral links to your marketing platform (i.e, CRMs, ESPs). This means you can provoke your readers to share by providing them with their unique referral link at the footer of your newsletters. For example, check out the following customer screenshots for your reference (please see footers of each newsletter example):

Additionally, you can check out the following videos to get a better sense of how you can run a referral program with GrowSurf:

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