How can I trigger a referral on a double opt-in email?

If you are using a Signup Event as your referral trigger and want to only count a referral when your new subscriber opts in, there are a few ways to accomplish this:

Option 1: Use a Redirect URL

In Campaign Editor > 5. Installation, choose the automagic detection method for adding new participants. When adding URLs, make sure to add a Redirect URL. This Redirect URL should be your double opt-in "thank you" page.

When setting up automagic detection, make sure to ignore any forms and only track input fields instead. This way, when a referred friend submits their email address, they are not yet added as a participant until they visit the Redirect URL.

GrowSurf will trigger a referral on this Redirect URL page, and automatically attribute a referrer (if there is one) from the initial visit.

Option 2: Use JavaScript

You can use the JavaScript Web API method growsurf.triggerReferral('[email protected]') to trigger the referral on your double opt-in "thank-you" page. The bare minimum requirement would be to pass in the email address [email protected] because GrowSurf will detect if the person was referred via a stored browser cookie.

In the example above, please make sure to replace [email protected] with the actual new subscriber's email address.

Alternatively, you can use a qualifying action referral trigger for your double opt-in process.

In Campaign Editor > 5. Installation, you'll want to update your referral trigger to be "Sign Up + Qualified Action", then follow the new installation instructions, which will have been updated accordingly.

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