Does GrowSurf have multilingual support?

Yes, GrowSurf has multilingual support. In order to achieve this, please follow the steps outlined in this article.

1. Update your referral portal

To support multiple languages, you will need to use GrowSurf embeddable elements and override certain content using HTML data attributes (you should not use your campaign referral portal or the GrowSurf window).

View example code here.

Please note, that customization for error and success messages like "That is not a valid email" is not supported.

2. Disable your campaign emails

To support multiple languages for emails sent out by GrowSurf, you will need to disable your campaign emails and set up a third-party integration automation using Zapier, Integromat, or Webhooks.

Additional tips

Certain GrowSurf objects such as participants and rewards support metadata. This means you can save any type of custom data to them. This can be useful for multilingual purposes depending on your use-case. Learn more about metadata here.

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