What is a participant?

A participant is a single person in your referral program identified by their unique email address. Participants each have their own unique share link, and they can be referrers and/or referred people.

When someone visits your site (either directly or via referral link), GrowSurf needs to capture their email into your campaign by adding them as a new participant. If they were referred, GrowSurf associates them with their referrer.

You can think of participants as your existing user/customer base (if you import them), as well as any new users/customers you get in the future (whether they were referred or not).


If you have a website and you have integrated GrowSurf with your existing signup form to automagically add new participants, every person who submits that form (whether they were referred or not) will be added as a new participant.

To change this behavior, please see When a new visitor submits a form on my site, can I only add them as a new participant if they were referred?

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