How can I add new participants to my referral program?

By adding participants to your referral program, you are creating a unique referral link for them that they can share.

You can give people their referral link automatically when they land on a webpage. Or you can require them to sign up first in order to get their referral link.

Below is the list of ways that you can add new participants to your referral program. The minimum requirement for adding a participant is providing a unique email address.
  1. Add participants automatically
    1. Programmatically via Embedded Form, using the data-grsf-email attribute
    2. Programmatically via JavaScript
    3. Programmatically via REST API
    4. Programmatically via URL parameters, using the grsf_email URL parameter
  2. Add participants manually from your GrowSurf admin dashboard
    1. Import a CSV list (from your dashboard or in the Options step of the Campaign Editor)
    2. Add a participant manually (from your dashboard)
  3. Let people manually sign up to become participants:
    1. Signup via referral portal
    2. Signup via Embedded Form
    3. Signup via GrowSurf window
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